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My 3d fluffy Christmas tree

Bijgewerkt op: 22 jan. 2021

You might ask yourself: Why design a Chrismas tree in Clo3d?

The outcome is not perfectly neat and straight and it looks more like a stuffed animal than an actual tree!

Well, maybe this is exactly what I wanted...

This tree consists of a pile of triangular shaped pillows made in green fox fur all kept in place by pins.

The balls look more like lampoons, but hey, they shine! They were made like tiny beach balls.

The garlands are strips of cut metal-like fabric sewn together and thrown around the tree.

"I think I made this tree three times before it has become what it is now."

Believe me, it was a challenge! I think I made this tree three times before it has become what it is now. Especially all the different patterns and objects make the file heavy to work with and very, very slow. You need a high degree in patience and a lot of time to work this out. But every time you design something new and challenging you learn new ways to make things work better, faster or neater. And this valuable experience will surely help me with the next project. I am happy with the results!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Stay safe and take care.

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