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Is sketching a complete waste of time?

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It struck me. Several weeks ago, I read a reply on a post that stated that sketching is a complete waste of time in fashion and that Illustrator brings you one step closer to the final product. I just could not believe a creative person would actually say this.

First, to be honest, I can partly relate to his statement. When I make alterations on existing products, I am quicker and more efficient working straight on the computer.

On the other hand, however, I will never ignore what the benefits of actual drawing with pencil and paper offer me. And this is why.

 Several studies and experiences by experts show that by sketching by hand:

  • Both parts of your brain are used and more connections are made in comparison to drawing flats on the computer.

  • Your cognitive functions are enhanced; you can more easily recognize patterns and assess situations.

  • Your brain releases dopamine, endorphin and serotonin. Together with the soothing effects on both breath and body temperature, this will make you a happier and a healthier person.

  • The memories and experiences you have are better stored in the brain.

  • You are more aware of the environment and will be more inspired by it.

  • You will sharpen your alertness that can improve other brain functions.

  • You give your hand and inspiration free rein and new ideas come to you more intuitively.

  • You become more aware of different images and shapes, then with sitting behind a computer. On a computer you often work too precisely and spend too much time on something that will no longer be relevant at a later stage. Working this precisely blocks your creativity in a stage you might need it the most.

I hear you thinking. This is nice, but what does this have to do with designing fashion?

In short, by drawing with hand you start thinking more broadly, you are questioning yourself constantly while making new shapes. This allows for more creativity. More creativity leads to more innovative and thought out designs and products.

And this, to my opinion, should always be the designer’s goal in mind.

So, is sketching a complete waste of time? No, absolutely not!

Should creatives have more space in mind and time to create well-designed and popular products that do not end up as trash like they so often do in fashion? An absolute yes!

I am interested in your say about this.


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