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My fear of the unknown and the realization that perfection is merely an illusion.

Bijgewerkt op: 12 apr.

Throughout my journey, I've wrestled with the concept of fast fashion and my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer, particularly during my time at the academy, while major corporations like H&M flooded the market with quickly and cheaply made garments. I questioned my purpose in continuing to design clothing and why so much effort was dedicated to something that only added to the waste mountain. I felt trapped, pursuing an education that no longer brought me joy, yet I couldn't pursue an alternative path. A career in fashion design seemed pointless and distant in a rapidly changing industry.

I've learned more than I ever thought possible working for commercial companies where clothing was still made with a focus on sustainability and quality. At Perry Sport, I found a renewed sense of purpose in designing sports and outdoor clothing with a focus on functionality and quality. Collaborating with like-minded colleagues, we strived to produce consciously and repurpose materials whenever possible.

Although my journey at Perry eventually came to an end, it opened doors to freelance opportunities where I've continued to design outdoor clothing, accessories and equipment. Together with clients we strived to make products with a strong emphasis on sustainability and fair labor practices. It's been a challenging but rewarding path, finding the balance between my creative vision and the necessity of environmentally mindful design.

 My passion for sustainability, circularity, and local production drives me forward. I've delved into innovative concepts like zero waste design and eco-printing, exploring new technologies like 3d design and materials to minimize environmental impact. Yet, despite my dedication, I've hesitated to fully embrace a new way of working. The fear of the unknown often holds me back, but I've come to realize that perfection is an illusion and that the journey itself is just as important as the destination. Now I am hesitantly sharing bits of my process in this video.

My inner struggle paralyses my creativity. Yet, I choose to view it as a challenge and an opportunity for growth, a seed planted some three decades ago. I've observed that many fashion and textile companies share a similar apprehension and uncertainty about how innovation will impact their brand. Nevertheless, let us unite and encourage each other to take the leap. Fashion and textile design and production can once again manifest beauty.

Consider the inspiring initiatives of makers like New Optimist, with their deposit system, Hedone, created by and for marginalized youth, Joline Jolink's The Linen Project, and Hul le kes, promoting sustainability, circularity, and local production. These pioneers ignite my passion and make my heart beat faster.

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