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The success of a good drawing.

I enjoy sketching by hand, as it's the most direct and quickest way for me to get my initial creative ideas down on paper. However, for product design, sketches are not sufficient. What you need are good, accurate flat technical drawings. After making the final adjustments, I choose which sketches I want to develop further in Illustrator. I work in layers, which allows me to work faster and more efficiently, and also to save and reuse components such as collars and pockets.

Through years of collaboration and feedback from manufacturers, pattern makers, colleagues, and buyers, I've learned to create precise and readable flat drawings.


  • Detailed drawings allow for better calculation of the required materials, and subtle adjustments can be made to reduce consumption and thus waste.


  • The clearer the drawing, the better it can be interpreted, reducing uncertainties and making it easier for a pattern maker to translate it. This leads to a more efficient workflow and lower costs.


  • A well-developed drawing also shows respect for those with whom you work and who will work with your designs. This improves working relationships, leading to more enjoyment at work.


  • Currently, drawings are made faster in Illustrator than in a 3D app and take up less storage space.


  • You can better evaluate a good technical drawing and make simpler choices before sampling the products or further developing them in 3D.


This is my workflow from sketch by hand to flat drawing. I'd love to hear about how your process unfolds and which tools you use for it. Let's share!


I'm Margaret, and I've been designing sports, outdoor and casual clothing and accessories for quite some time now. I've always been heavily focused on the final product, which had to be perfect. So, it was difficult for me to share during the process. Now, I'm teaching myself to share more easily and more often about what occupies my mind and what my work involves. And I'm really starting to enjoy sharing. If you want to read more about why sketching is so important for the process, check out my previous story:


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